Frequently Asked Questions

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What does SOGO Provide me?
SOGO provides complete solution to your appliances requirement in Kitchen, Home and Personal Care
What Warranty does SOGO Products have?
All SOGO products have one year warranty. This warranty is applied to all failures from manufacture, but it remains invalid for failures originated by a misuse of units.
What do I need to be a SOGO client?
SOGO works in Distributor – Dealer network across India. To be a distributor or dealer you require to provide -Complete data of your company: Fiscal address, Office address, Telephone and Fax Number, Email address, Company Tax Detail, Contact person, Warehouse address (in case it is different from fiscal address) and your Bank Account details. Once these details are provided Sales department will contact you for further processes.
Can I get SOGO products in Retail Outlets?
Yes, Now you can purchase SOGO products from your nearest retail outlets too. We have started with @Home (R City Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai) and Hypercity (Malad, Mumbai). Other outlets are coming soon in various cities.
Where can I get SOGO products?
Contact your nearest distributor